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Paudie McGahon's IRA rapist named in new abuse claim


Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams

GARDAI are investigating fresh allegations of sexual assault against the same IRA abuser who raped Paudie McGahon.

The new allegations were reported to the garda unit investigating IRA child abusers following the BBC Spotlight documentary broadcast last month. Mr McGahon outlined a horrific account of how he was raped by an IRA man who was using his family home as a "safe house". He was subjected to an IRA kangaroo court after he reported the abuse to his local Sinn Fein councillor.

According to an informed source, a second victim has now come forward to claim he too was sexually abused by the same IRA man, on two separate occasions.

The source said he reported the IRA abuser to his local garda station a number of years ago and was interviewed by detectives about his complaint. The garda investigation was said to have "gone nowhere".

The man reported the information to a Sinn Fein representative who in turn passed it on the national garda unit which is leading the inquiry into more than 30 allegations of sexual abuse within the republican movement.

Mr McGahon's alleged rapist is a suspected serial child abuser who was moved across the border and lived in various safe houses, but he was expelled from the country by the IRA after Paudie McGahon reported him to his Sinn Fein councillor. He was back in Ireland last year but his current whereabouts is unknown. He has been linked to other sexual assaults in Northern Ireland and one in Dublin.

Sinn Fein has come under intense scrutiny over allegations the republican movement shielded IRA child abusers throughout the Troubles since Mairia Cahill claimed she was raped by an IRA man and later subjected to a kangaroo court last year. The party has denied covering up for abusers.


The American news channel, CBS, will broadcast an interview with Gerry Adams tonight in which he is questioned about the murder of Jean McConville, a mother of 10, by the IRA.

Asked by the interviewer how do you orphan 10 children, Mr Adams said: "That's what happens in war." He also denied being in the IRA and said he never pulled a trigger.

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This weekend, the Fianna Fail leader, Micheal Martin, called on Mr Adams to clarify what he knows about the people who killed Garda Adrian Donohoe and Paul Quinn, who was beaten to death by an IRA gang in Monaghan.

In January, Mr Adams told a radio station that he did not know who was involved in the murder of Paul Quinn, and that if he had the names he would give them to police. "I don't know. That's the truth of it. I'm not going to speculate. Eh, it's an easy accusation to make that republicans were in some way involved," he said.

Speaking in the Dáil in March, he referred to a group of people whom he said were involved in "the beating to death of Paul Quinn" and other crimes.

He said: "Those involved are a small number of criminals who are responsible over the years for the killing of volunteer, Keith Rogers, the beating to death of Paul Quinn, the murder of Garda Adrian Donohoe and the wounding of Michael Bellew recently. They have also threatened the lives of Conor Murphy MP and another republican family, the Carraghers."

This weekend, Fianna Fail leader Martin has called on Mr Adams to clarify what he knows and has demanded a Dail debate on the issue.

Martin said: "So the obvious question is, what information or names did he receive between January 28 and March 3 and has he provided same to the Gardai?"

Taoiseach Enda Kenny in response said the Government is willing to examine the issue when the Dail returns after the Easter break, saying: "It is a matter of concern to me. I hope we could give consideration to a debate in the House, on the resumption of the Dail, on these matters in general."

Sinn Fein has confirmed to the Sunday Independent that Gerry Adams has met gardaí to discuss criminality but "has no knowledge of the individuals engaged in these criminal activities".

The statement said: "There are a number of criminal gangs active along the border. Sinn Fein and the north Louth and south Armagh community are working with the Gardai and the PSNI to challenge criminality. Any information regarding the activities of these criminal gangs should be passed on to the gardaí, PSNI and justice served, and the community safeguarded."

It continued: "Mr Adams has met the gardai to discuss the activities of these criminals. He has no knowledge of the individuals engaged in these criminal activities." He called on those with information to go the Gardai or the PSNI.

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