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Patients soothed by internet messages

SOOTHING images and positive messages from family members beamed directly to the bedside of long-term patients and nursing-home residents has been found to reduce anxiety and stress.

A trial of the web-based service from Irish start-up company Vivartes was carried out among patients of the National Stem Cell Transplant Unit at St James's Hospital in Dublin.

'Open Window' transmits images and videos of artwork along with positive messages from family members directly to a patient's room using the internet and mobile networks.

Vivartes -- which has received interest from the US navy -- hopes the product can be rolled out to hospitals and nursing homes throughout the country.

Denis Roche, who founded the company which has one part-time and two full-time employees in Kilkenny, said the results of the Trinity College study would boost the rollout of 'Open Window'.

Mr Roche received €100,000 along with business mentoring as a winner of the Diageo Arthur Guinness Fund to grow the business.

Irish Independent