Thursday 23 May 2019

Pastor claims homosexuality 'just like rape'

Craig Ledbetter Credit: Twitter
Craig Ledbetter Credit: Twitter
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

A Cork pastor says he stands over his claim that homosexuality is "just like rape" during an interview about the Marriage Equality Referendum.

Craig Ledbetter, from the Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig in Cork, also claimed that gay couples were "hijacking" marriage and insisted it "doesn't belong to them".

"Rape is a sexual sin, adultery is a sexual sin and paedophilia is a sexual sin. Unfortunately, people just see the word rape and they just say 'oh how can you compare it to rape?' I am not accusing homosexuals of rape, I am saying it is the same as all of the sexual sins outside of marriage," Mr Ledbetter said.

"Marriage cannot be redefined. How can you redefine something like that? Let them get their own word, do their own thing, but not say that now marriage has to include them because it doesn't stop. I stand by what I say, I don't think anybody is ever going to understand. As a pastor, as a Christian, I say the word 'marriage' has already been defined."

Mr Ledbetter also said that he will "not marry a same-sex couple" and added that this is "more than just a conscience clause".

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