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Passers-by praised for helping woman in rescue drama

RESCUE crews safely plucked a woman from the seas off Dublin yesterday after quick-thinking passers-by raised the alarm.

Onlookers alerted emergency services after they noticed a woman walking in shallow water shortly after 6pm near the seafront wall at Dollymount, north Dublin, but they lost sight of her in the fading light.

The Howth Coast Guard unit, Clontarf gardai and Dun Laoghaire Lifeboat all began searching the Clontarf seafront and Dollymount's Bull Wall. After 20 minutes they spotted something in the distance.

The garda helicopter reported the woman was in water up to her waist and appeared disorientated.

Rescuers attempted to guide her toward the seafront but sandbars in the area confused the woman who began swimming in the chilly waters.

The coast guard rescue helicopter winched her to safety on to the seafront.

She was taken in a cold and confused condition to Beaumont Hospital.

A spokesman for Howth Coast Guard said the quick-thinking members of the public who had contacted emergency services had helped save her life and should be commended for it.

He urged anyone who sees someone who appears in trouble to ring 999 rather than wait for someone else to do it.

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