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Friday 27 April 2018

Passengers in shock as 'addict shoots up' on bus

The man fills his syringe and then injects himself in the arm in front of shocked passengers on the bus
The man fills his syringe and then injects himself in the arm in front of shocked passengers on the bus

Martin Grant

These are the shocking pictures that show a suspected drug addict shooting up in front of alarmed passengers on a Dublin bus.

The man first pulled a syringe from a plastic bag, filled it with a substance and then injected it into his arm. He later passed out with the needle in his hand.

A worried passenger raised the matter with the driver, but the suspected addict was allowed to continue his journey.

Anthony Goring, from Drogheda, was a passenger on the bus and he told the Herald what he saw.

"He was sitting across from me and I saw him pull out a syringe from a plastic bag. He started injecting himself ... I freaked," said Mr Goring.

A short time later the bus stopped and the driver walked through the vehicle for a seat count, and Mr Goring said he told him about the incident.

However, the man was allowed to continue on the journey.

The suspected addict later got out of his seat to let a couple who had boarded the bus sit together. He then sat in the seat beside Mr Goring, who decided to move to the back of the bus.

"I wasn't sitting beside him - he had a needle in his hand," Mr Goring said.

"He had passed out in the chair with the needle in his hand," he added.

Bus Eireann laws forbid passengers from taking controlled drugs or consuming alcohol while on board its buses.

Another by-law states that an individual in a state of intoxication "shall not board, attempt to board or remain on a vehicle".

The Herald asked Bus Eireann if the driver reported the incident to management or to gardai and asked why the suspected addict was not removed from the bus.

A spokeswoman for Bus Eireann confirmed that the driver had been told of an incident on board, but that the man "appeared fine" and the driver continued the journey.

"Our investigation of the matter is that the driver of the service was approached by a passenger, who made an allegation regarding another passenger," the representative said. "Upon receiving this, the driver walked down the bus to the passenger identified, and asked several questions.

"The customer appeared to be fine, and therefore the driver had no obvious concerns and continued his journey.

"The passenger identified disembarked normally ... No needle was found on the vehicle. Bus Eireann are currently investigating this alleged incident and reviewing CCTV from the bus," she added. The spokeswoman said that neither the departure or destination offices of Bus Eireann have received a complaint about the matter.

"The company takes all official complaints seriously, and any customer feedback relating to our services," she said.

"We have no further comment on the matter until our investigation is complete," she added.


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