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Pass key bill and dissolve Dail -- Gilmore

LABOUR Party leader Eamon Gilmore last night pledged to plough ahead with a motion of no confidence in the Government -- unless the Dail is dissolved by the weekend.

The Green Party refused to spell out how it would vote if Labour forced a vote on a motion of no confidence in the Government on Wednesday.

If the Government failed to win a majority, the motion would force its collapse before the Finance Bill is passed. Mr Gilmore claimed his party would not proceed with its motion of no confidence, provided it got an unequivocal commitment the Finance Bill would be enacted and the Dail dissolved by Friday.

Labour's next step will only become clear this evening when it meets with the Finance Minister, the Greens and Fine Gael about the exact timeline for passing the legislation.

Mr Gilmore insisted this "dysfunctional" Government must be brought to an end as quickly as possible.

And he claimed the Finance Bill could be passed in 40 hours in the Dail, including a special sitting on Friday.

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