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Monday 19 February 2018

Parlon punctures a lung and breaks ribs in icy fall

Ken Sweeney

FORMER government minister Tom Parlon has undergone surgery after a bad fall in the icy conditions left him with a punctured lung.

The director-general of the Construction Industry Federation remains in hospital after puncturing a lung and breaking several of his ribs as a result of the accident outside his Dublin home.

"I had just arrived in from work on Thursday and was going back out to the shop when I came across a very icy path with a bit of a slope on it. In an instant, my feet went out from under me and I was on my back," Mr Parlon said yesterday from his bed at the private Beacon Hospital in Sandyford, south Dublin.

Momentarily knocked out, the 56-year-old said it took him a few moments to get up off the ground.

"I knocked myself out totally going down on my back. I remember there being no one else around when I managed to get up and go back into my apartment," he said.

Unaware of the injuries he had sustained, Mr Parlon took to his bed but woke some time later in agony.


"I became quite paralysed in the bed, couldn't move. I was cold too because I got a bit of a shock," he said.

The former Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) chief was forced to contact his son Fergal for assistance

"Fergal had to climb through the window of my apartment to get me out. I couldn't get out of the bed. He brought me up to accident and emergency in the Beacon Hospital, where they discovered I had a number of broken ribs and a punctured lung," he said.

The Offaly man was operated on last Sunday by surgeons who re-inflated and drained his damaged lung.

"I'm shook enough by this and quite ill. Hopefully I'm on the mend because I'm getting the very best of attention. The doctors say I will be in hospital for the rest of the week," he said.

Mr Parlon served as president of the IFA from 1997--2001. He joined the PDs before the 2002 general election and won the party's first seat in the Laois-Offaly constituency.

Mr Parlon was appointed as a junior minister with responsibility for the Office of Public Works. But he lost his seat in the 2007 general election.

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