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Saturday 21 July 2018

Parkour coach warns young people 'not to go out by yourself and find a rooftop to jump from'

Kirsten Elder

Experienced head coach and director of Belfast Parkour Ltd ‘does not condone rooftop training’ in the way of individual practice among youths.

This follows days after a group of youths were spotted running across a roof edge of a five-storey building at the corner of Royal Avenue and Donegall Street.

Colin DeVenny or Bane as he is known in the Parkour scene advises young people: “not to go out by yourself and find a rooftop to jump from.”

Parkour is an art form and a form of self-discipline, which started in France in the early 1980’s, finding ways of movement round obstacles and using them to your advantage.

Bane has been practicing Parkour for 13-years and trains every day, he discovered his passion for Parkour from being a keen skater.

He spends a lot of time conditioning his body and practicing moves until they ‘become second nature’.

“Risk is a part of life, Parkour looks very heavily at managing risk and I don’t think there is anything more dangerous than practicing Parkour with the correct attitude than there would be walking to work in the morning,” said Colin.

For more information about the sport you can get in touch with Bane on Twitter @baneparkour or visit

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