Saturday 17 March 2018

Parents furious at 'S*** a Ginger' club event

A poster for the event on social networks
A poster for the event on social networks

Greg Harkin

A nightclub promoting a ‘S*** a Ginger’ night has been condemned.

 A couple in Donegal tried to lodge a complaint with gardai over the event later this week.

 Anthony and Michelle Dunleavy, from Glenvar in Co Donegal, say they are ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’ at the event due to take place at Letterkenny’s Pulse nightclub this Wednesday.

 The club says free condoms will be given out on the night.

 The Dunleavys say they tried to make a formal complaint to gardai in Letterkenny but were told no criminal offence had been committed.

“It’s so crass it’s hard to even think of the words to describe this event,” said angry Anthony Dunleavy.

“It basically discriminates against red-heads.

“We are absolutely disgusted that somehow girls with red hair are being described with this sort of language in an event at a nightclub. It’s abusive behaviour at best.”

His wife Michelle said: “It shows where our society is at when a night out for students has to be promoted like this.

“I am shocked and disgusted with The Pulse nightclub and I would urge young people to boycott this event, especially young girls.

“This is no way to discuss young people. Girls with red hair get a hard enough time, but to portray them as desperate is sickening.”

A Garda spokesman confirmed a complaint was made but that there are no laws against discrimination on grounds of appearance.

 No-one from The Pulse was available for comment.

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