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Parents forced to stay at home 'risk losing job'


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Parents forced to stay at home from work "every time their child has a runny nose may risk losing their job", an employment lawyer has warned.

The Government's roadmap for reopening schools says children must not attend if displaying any Covid-19 symptoms.

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan said this may "create huge problems further down the line".

He also fears the requirement to stay at home if showing any symptoms may be abused by a minority of workers, who will "claim their children are showing Covid symptoms on Mondays and Fridays".

"There has been barely any support put in place for employers to support home-working," he said.

"The State is effectively abandoning parents and saying employers should facilitate them to stay at home, but this isn't really feasible.

"Unfortunately the July stimulus package did nothing to support employers for home working.

"Employers aren't going to keep paying people who have to stay at home every time their child has a runny nose.

"The reality is that many employers have a business to run and is it going to come to the stage where employees will have to provide medical certs for their children.

"When jobs go there will be crocodile tears from TDs but those job losses will be due to their failure to provide any support."

Mr Grogan said that while it is likely the Workplace Relations Commission will show a "lot of sympathy" towards employees, he fears that job losses may be inevitable as things stand.

Irish Independent