Sunday 18 March 2018

Pair steal charity money from Dublin city fountain

A video of two people swiping charity money from a Dublin city fountain has emerged online.

The video, which was taken at around 10am on Tuesday, shows the people crouched over in the fountain taking the coins which should have been going towards a good cause.

The pair can be seen crouched down with their pants rolled up looking through the shallow water for coins.

Throughout the course of the video, the duo leave the fountain in the Irish Life Centre on Talbot Street, after security arrive to take them away. Some onlookers stare on as they scramble to collect as much money as they, came but there are more laughing alongside them.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by musician Richie Malone, who said he was disgusted at what he came across. Richie, who is lead singer with the band Raid, was meeting with some of his bandmates when he came across the incident.

"One of the lads could see a pair of feet in fountain. At first it was one guy on his own, who then ran off, and came back a few minutes later with a buddy," he said.

"That guy took off his socks and runners and started scooping up as much money as he could.

"They were there for around five minutes before security came. They were told 'get out before I pull you out', but they didn't care. They were still smiling and joking. They laughed  and said they were doing nothing wrong."

Richie said that if the security didn't arrive, he would have taken matters into his own hands.

"You'd have to intervene yourself. You'd have to. They didn't care at all.

"I don't know how much they got, but they got get what they could. They seemed to be mainly scooping one cent and two cent coins. There was one woman there too talking and laughing with them," he said.

Local Gardai are aware of the incident.

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