Friday 15 December 2017

Paedophile who raped seven boys was making 'rude gestures' in park

Frank Mulligan (69) walked free from Arbour Hill prison last Thursday.
Frank Mulligan (69) walked free from Arbour Hill prison last Thursday.

Robin Schiller

A convicted paedophile who was only released from prison last week is to receive a warning from gardai after reports he was making "rude gestures" at children in a city centre park.

Frank Mulligan (69) walked free from Arbour Hill prison last Thursday after serving just seven-and-a-half years for raping seven young boys.

However, just two days after being released, concerned locals contacted gardai to inform them that a man matching Mulligan's description was loitering in parks in the north inner city filled with children.

Locals reported that Mulligan had been making "rude gestures" towards the children.


A source told the Herald that Mulligan would be "spoken to" about his behaviour, and will receive an "unofficial warning" to stay away from areas where children are playing.

The source said: "Gardai received reports that he was in the vicinity of a number of parks in the north inner city area, and are taking these incidents seriously.

"Although he didn't approach the children, this is concerning behaviour from a man who committed heinous crimes.

"He has only just been let out, so it's worrying to think that he may be hanging around children. Gardai will speak to him at the earliest opportunity in relation to these reports, and they will make it quite clear that it simply isn't acceptable.

"If he keeps it up he could face returning to prison."

Mulligan is currently believed to be residing in a hostel in the north inner city.

The hostel is located in the North Central 'D' District, which is policed by officers from Bridewell Garda Station and has the highest concentration of sex-offenders in the country.

Mulligan was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for grooming and raping a 13-year-old boy he trained in a boxing club, with two years suspended and a further 18 months post-release supervision.

Sentencing Mulligan in the 2012 trial, Mr Justice Paul Carney remarked he was sure Mulligan would reoffend if he got the opportunity, but added that this could not be taken into account when determining an adequate jail term.

He was already serving two separate sentences, including a seven-year term for the buggery, indecent assault and sexual assault of two boys he trained between 1989 and 1997.

He was also sentenced to six-and-a-half years imprisonment in 2009 for raping five more children.

Under the Sex Offenders Act 2001, a convicted offender who fails to comply with any of the supervision period conditions "shall be guilty of an offence", and can be liable to a maximum fine of £1,500 (€2,127) and/or 12 months imprisonment on conviction.


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