Monday 20 November 2017

Oz Rules scout in teen sex scandal

TEEN AFFAIR: Aussie Rules scout Ricky Nixon pictured outside Croke Park on a recent visit. Photo: Steve Humphreys
TEEN AFFAIR: Aussie Rules scout Ricky Nixon pictured outside Croke Park on a recent visit. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Niamh Horan

Niamh Horan

The teenage girl at the centre of an explosive sex scandal with an agent for former GAA players has apparently reached out to him to tell him she loves him and is sorry as he admitted regret over their affair.

Married Aussie Rules scout Ricky Nixon, who is coming to Ireland in the coming weeks to lure young GAA players to Australia, admitted seeing a 17-year-old in a hotel bedroom in Melbourne on Valentines night.

Now, in an apparent reference to the press coverage of her meetings with Mr Nixon, the teenager tweeted that she was sorry for her actions.

"I wanted revenge, right?" she said. "But . . . now I realise . . . you mean more to me than ANY headline does . . . I'm SO sorry," she added.

In a possible reference to Mr Nixon, she said she was "very worried" for someone.

"Don't make any stupid decisions. You know I love you, you just hurt me too much," she said.

Her comments came after she earlier boasted that she had finally "won".

"It is now officially over. Ultimate Payback, Thankyou HS," she said, in an apparent acknowledgment to an article in her local newspaper Herald Sun.

She also alluded to the possibility of releasing compromising video footage, saying: "I like how people say 'allege' -- makes me giggle. This time around I actually took the photos/videos.. Does that mean I can publish them? ;)"

When a fellow tweeter pleaded, "don't put us through the torture of naked Nixon photos", she replied: "Not naked photos. Incriminating videos."

Mr Nixon confessed to the meetings after he was witnessed by the Herald Sun newspaper leaving the girl's hotel in Melbourne in the early hours of Tuesday morning. He also told the newspaper he had visited the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, last Sunday.

Mr Nixon denied that he'd had sex with the teen after claims by her they had had an affair, but reportedly admitted taking alcohol to her room.

"In hindsight, my dealings with this girl were inappropriate and I regret them," he said.

The teenager came to prominence in Australia when she released a series of nude photos of some St Kilda Football Club players on an end of season trip.

The agent represents former GAA players who currently play in the AFL.

He is expected to travel to Ireland in the coming weeks to scout GAA talent in the Sigerson Cup.

Mr Nixon got in a war of words with Dublin boss Pat Gilroy last year when he claimed the manager had banned his players from attending trials held by the agent.

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