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Owners here urged to register concerns


Volkswagen Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn

Volkswagen Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn


Volkswagen Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn

A consumer chief is urging motorists with cars that could be affected by the Volkswagen scandal to register their concerns with a government agency.

The Consumer Association's Dermot Jewell said owners needed to adopt a 'blanket approach' if, as many now fear, Irish cars are affected.

He said they should contact the Government's Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. "On the basis of the limited amount known at this stage they still need to let their concerns be known now," Mr Jewell told the Irish Independent.

He emphasised that nothing has emerged to definitively say Irish cars are affected, but said owners could apply pressure for clarification by raising their concerns at official level.

He did so as the scandal spread on several fronts and as the likelihood grew that some Volkswagen models sold here since 2008 had the same 4-cylinder diesel engine (EA 189) as those found to have had the NOx-cheating emission software in the US.

Sources say that of the 11 million cars affected by the scandal, as many as 10 million may be in Europe because diesels are so popular in the region.

It would follow therefore, that some would have been sold in Ireland.

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