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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Owner of getaway car used in brutal killing of asylum seeker will be questioned by gardaí

A garda at the scene in Kilbarron Avenue, Coolock, Dublin. Photos: Kyran O’Brien
A garda at the scene in Kilbarron Avenue, Coolock, Dublin. Photos: Kyran O’Brien
Gardaí search in an area near Castletymon Gardens where the burned-out getaway car was found. Photos: Kyran O’Brien
Hamid Sanambar, who was shot in Coolock

Robin Schiller and Conor Feehan

Gardaí are to interview the owner of a car used in the gangland murder of an asylum seeker in the hope of shedding light on the killing.

Hamid Sanambar (41), an Iranian national with links to a north Dublin crime gang, was shot dead outside a house in Kilbarron Avenue, Coolock, Dublin, on Tuesday afternoon.

He was shot up to six times in the front garden of the home of Sean Little, a 22-year-old criminal who was gunned down in Balbriggan last week.

Gardaí are investigating if there is a link between the murders, and are also examining a possible connection to the murder of Little's friend Jordan Davis (22) in Coolock on Wednesday, May 22.

Sanambar was aware his life was under threat and is believed to have been wearing a bullet-proof vest in recent times. Gardaí believe his killers were aware of this and shot him five times in the head in the murder bid at around 3.30pm.

"The hit team had detailed information about his habits and his movements," a source said.

Three masked men then fled in a getaway car later found burnt out at Castletymon Gardens.

Senior investigators revealed yesterday the vehicle is a silver Toyota Avensis, which was bought legitimately on May 20.

Det Insp Mick Mulligan, of Santry garda station, said gardaí  know the buyer of the car used in the murder.

"We are aware the car was in the area yesterday morning. Our appeal is for people that have dashcam footage, in particular delivery drivers and ambulance drivers who are frequenting that area near Beaumont Hospital, and around the Centra shop.

"We are aware the car was bought from a motor dealers on the southside and are aware of the person that purchased it, but we are looking for information on it since [May] 20," the senior detective said.

"There were three persons that left the scene after the shooting," Det Insp Mulligan added.

Asked if gardaí are linking Tuesday's murder with the killing of Sean Little last week, Det Insp Mulligan said they are taking cognisance of where Sanambar was killed, in the driveway of Little's house.

"We are not connecting both at this time but it is something we are considering. We are co-ordinating with the investigation teams in relation to the other murders. We have the resources from national and local units and we are availing of all of those," he said.

Through his links to crime gangs in Cork, Longford and Dublin, Sanambar had made a number of enemies and his life was under threat.

He had been living in Dublin over the past six months and had associated with a number of major criminals.

Sanambar had been regularly sighted with a suspected gangland hitman who is suspected of the attempted murder of James 'Mago' Gately.

He was also very close to a number of other gun-for-hires linked to the north Dublin drugs gang he worked with.

Speaking in the aftermath of the latest gangland murder, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he plans to visit the communities affected by the gangland violence "as soon as I can find a little time".

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