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Over one million homes and businesses now face water restrictions

MORE than a million homes and businesses across the greater Dublin region face water restrictions and possible loss of supply in the coming days as Dublin City Council continues to battle exceptionally low water levels at its reservoir.

Dublin City Council (DCC) and three neighbouring county councils in north and south county Dublin have all issued water restrictions that will be in place until at least Thursday and possibly the weekend to cope with the combined problem of water leaks due to the ongoing cold snap and “unsustainably low levels” of treated water at DCC’s reservoir at Stillorgan, south Dublin.

Dublin City Council has already been restricting the supply of water since last Thursday when it began reducing water pressure around the capital effective from 10pm to 9am in order to conserve supplies of water.

The overnight restrictions have since been extended to last between 10 and 12 hours - taking place from 9pm to beween 7am and 9am - and will continue until possibly the weekend to allow the supply of water in the reservoir to replenish, said DCC spokesman Alan Breen.

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