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Over 10,000 homes without power as afternoon gales expected to drive figure higher





Over 10,000 homes are currently without electricity as a result of the effects of the latest Atlantic storm, and the figures are expected to rise as the day continues.

Severe storms in the south west have damaged power lines to many homes across the country,” according to an ESB spokersperson.

“There are about 10,000 homes currently without power, and we expect that figure to rise as gusts of up to 140kph are forecast for the afternoon.”

Some of the worst affected areas are in regions across Co Kerry and Co Cork, but some locations in Co Clare are also suffering without electricity.

A number of ESB crews are attending scenes nationwide, attempting to mend the damage, but Storm Darwin is having a negative impact on these efforts.

“We have restored power to almost 5,000 homes already today but one of the key issues crews are facing is, naturally, the ongoing adverse weather conditions,” the ESB spokesperson told independent.ie

“The gale-force winds are hampering restoration efforts – and the safety of the crews are paramount.”

A 'status red' wind alert is in place for Cork and Kerry this morning, and high seas are forecast in both counties.

Wind and snow alerts are in place for counties across the country with the Irish Coastguard urging people to avoid exposed coastal parts of the west and south-west with fears wind gusts could reach violent levels.

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