Sunday 8 December 2019

Outsider McWilliams takes centre-stage at theatre

ECONOMIST David McWilliams is ready to take centre-stage this summer. The world premiere of his new work 'Outsiders' is set for the Peacock Theatre in June.

Described as "part stand-up, part discussion and part social observation", the 43-year-old Irish Independent columnist promises his performance will offer a "narrative of the recent collusion between the insiders of the Irish political system and the financial sector".

"When the national parliament becomes a theatre, the national theatre must become the parliament," he said.

"In Ireland, every time there is a crisis, the insiders get stronger, not weaker. Far from losing power and paying for the chaos they caused, they tighten their grip on the country," Mr McWilliams said last night.

"In contrast, the outsiders are excluded and left to fend for themselves. That is what happened in the 1950s and the 1980s and it is happening again now. But there is an alternative. 'Outsiders' is about the alternative."

He said the Abbey Theatre, which also contains the smaller Peacock venue, came to him with the idea of turning the story of Ireland's boom and bust into a stage production.

"The Abbey want to reflect modern Ireland and they're certainly doing that with this production. For me it's a very special place to take something like this and I expect I'll get more nervous about it as I get closer to the run," he added.

The production runs from June 9 to July 3.

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