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Outrage over video that shows Garda using foot to pin homeless man down

A video that seems to show a Garda pinning a homeless man to the ground with his foot has caused outrage among many on social media - as a TD has called for the Garda Ombudsman investigate.

The video, which has been viewed some 189,000 times, appears to show an officer confronting a man sleeping in a doorway on Henry Street in Dublin’s city centre.

There is no way to verify the contents of the video, nor is it possible to hear the exchange that prompts the Garda to use his foot to pin the man to the ground.

However, a source told The Star that a bench warrant had been issued for the man's arrest.

The source also alleges that he reached for the guard's pepper spray.

The person who captured the scene claims the incident happened on Friday afternoon, and that the Garda involved had been attempting to arrest the man moments before he began filming.

In the video, a member of An Garda Siochana can be seen speaking to what appears to be a homeless man sleeping rough.

Reaching down and picking something up from behind the man, the officer then pushes him back as he attempts to stand up.

Moments later, the Garda places his foot on the man’s knee and pushes down to keep him pin in the doorway.

Shared more than 4,700 times on Facebook, the video has been widely condemned by social media users.

While many expressed outrage over the incident, others, however, point out that the video fails to show the events leading up to the exchange, with some stressing that “we don’t know the full story” or “if the Garda was threatened.”

A Garda spokesperson told independent.ie that they “were aware of the video” but said they could not comment on it as “its contents had yet to be verified.”

However Socialist party TD Ruth Coppinger has called on the Garda Ombudsman to investigate the issue.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, she said that there seemed to be 'no plausible explanation' for the actions seen in the video.

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