Monday 19 August 2019

Outrage over gym’s ‘epileptic fit’ advert to attract new members

The ad which has caused offence
The ad which has caused offence

John Brennan

An advertisement purporting that “you don’t need to look like you’re having an epileptic fit to get in shape” has caused consternation on Facebook.

Airside Bootcamp had a sponsored advertisement appearing on Facebook with the message.

One woman, a sufferer of epilepsy, contacted to express her disgust with the advertisement.

“You wouldn’t put up ‘you don’t have to look like you have downs syndrome to exercise’“

“His implication is that it’s an overreaction from people – it’s not, it’s unkind.”

“I know one 19 year old who has very uncontrolled epilepsy and his thing lately is to try and get fit , and I know for him even to try and get himself to a gym he has a fear of a seizure there and to use this in an ad campaign is bad taste, it’s really bad taste.”

Her disgust was echoed on Airside Bootcamp’s Facebook page where people expressed their unhappiness with the advert.

Denise Butler took to Facebook to say “disgraceful comment to make. I wouldn’t step foot inside this place again after that comment

While Joyce Clegg said “No excuses Airside Bootcamp, This is an uneducated tag line! An apology and generous donation to Epilepsy Ireland might enhance your awareness!”

Airside Bookcamp responded to comments on its Facebook page saying:

“It was not intended to offend people. I apologise if you feel this way.” 

In another comment it said: “The advert is a call to action for people who may be on the fence about doing some training, it is not harming anyone.” has contacted the gym’s manager for comment but has not received one at time of publication.

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