Outrage on social media as protest footage goes viral

Clare Cullen

Anti-Irish Water protesters have taken to Twitter to express their outrage at a clip they feel portrays a 'heavy-handed' reaction by Gardai to a protester.

The 15 second  video clip was taken outside Mansion House and shows a protester attempting to block the car of Taoiseach Enda Kenny as it drives out of the gates.

Three gardai remove the woman and she is seen disappearing from frame. A singular, sharp noise can be heard and the woman is then seen on the ground, beside a bollard. Another woman can be heard to shout 'Oh my god!'.

Twitter users have expressed their outrage by attempting to get the video to trend online in Ireland.

Speaking to Independent.ie, the Garda Press office  said they "do not engage" with social media campaigns but clarified that there are "a couple of mechanisms available" for anyone who would like to make an official complaint.