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'Our two children are being raised in childcare centres like hens'


The letter in today's Irish Independent print edition

The letter in today's Irish Independent print edition

The letter in today's Irish Independent print edition

ONE mother's frustrated reaction to the latest tax imposed by the Government has gone viral.

A mother-of-two who identified herself as Donna Hartnett from Cork wrote to the Irish Independent to outline the difficulties of 'running to stand still' as her family works harder and harder in an attempt to pay "tax after tax" - all the time ensuring that her young children have to spend longer and longer in childcare.

The letter has touched a chord on social media. It can be read in full here:

No one will ever stand over my grave and say "wasn't she great at paying her water tax" but it will be at that exact moment that my children will evaluate the quality of the years I gave them.

The legacy of Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen has resulted in our two children being raised in childcare centres like hens.

Meanwhile, we work, breaking our necks and our children's hearts trying to keep up with tax after tax, with nothing left by the end of the month. We never financially over extended ourselves or left a bill unpaid, but still my two very young children are out of their home every day for longer hours than the average industrial worker ... as we work to meet another tax on our income.

Our reasons for not protesting before were exhaustion, anxiety, fear and not a minute to spare, but this is where it ends.

As the Irish Government has chosen to protect those responsible for the financial crash and has seen many pensioned off, I'm choosing to protect my children.

To do this, I will do whatever it takes to give my children back their childhood ... they will be at home, collected from school by me, and enjoy the security of a home life that should be an option afforded to every child. This will obviously mean a reduction to our income, resulting in overdue bills and unpaid taxes but that stress will be a holiday compared to the exhausting days we currently endure, dragging the children from their beds at 6.30am, starting and ending the day in a house filled with children's tears of frustration and confusion as we pay for others' greed.

So you see, this Government has pushed an exhausted family one step too far. Let's see who picks up the tab in the long run, Mr Kenny.

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