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Our savings are gone -- cancer survivor's blow

BREAST cancer survivor Liz Feehan (42) got a very special present to mark the fifth anniversary of her recovery from the disease.

Together with her husband Declan, she travelled to Tangiers in late 2006 to view a site for the planned Asilah Beach Resort. The couple, from Blarney, Co Cork, were brought there by a salesman from Simple Overseas Properties (SOP).

"There was nothing built yet and the site was being looked after by a goat herder, but we thought it had great potential," the mother of two told the Irish Independent.

"We filled in a reservation form for a penthouse apartment and flew home."

That December, they made out a cheque for €37,800 to SOP as a deposit. E-mails with updates on the construction work followed, but in April 2009 everything went silent.

"I tried several times to contact them and went to their office in Cork, but there was a 'for sale' sign up," she said.

She never did manage to contact SOP managing director Karl Morris, or anyone from the company. Mr Morris has claimed he passed on the deposit to developers, a company called Home Beach. But a Spanish lawyer for the Feehans says the developers has no record of the deposit. "Our savings are gone. We're just hoping we can recoup something," Mrs Feehan added.

The couple are among 31 investors pursuing Mr Morris in the Spanish courts.

Irish Independent