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November 2000

Eddie Ryan, above, 40, was shot dead in the Moose Bar in central Limerick after a family funeral. The gunman was Kieran Keane, a former associate who had fallen out with Ryan in a dispute over money. Keane killed Ryan because a few days earlier Eddie Ryan pointed a gun at Kieran Keane's brother, Christy Keane. and pulled the trigger but the gun jammed.

January 2003

Kieran Keane, right, 36, was duped by the Ryan gang into travelling to an isolated spot at Drombana outside Limerick with his nephew Owen Treacy for a meeting. Keane was overpowered and shot in the head. The gun then jammed and the gang then stabbed Treacy 17 times. Remarkably he survived and gave evidence against five members of the Ryan-McCarthy-Dundon gang. They are all serving life imprisonment.

July 2003

John Ryan, above, 47, a brother of Eddie Ryan was shot dead as he worked on the patio of his home at Canon Green Park in Thomondgate. He had moved there after being the subject of some 30 gun attacks at his previous home in St Mary's Park in the Island area.

October 2003

Michael Campbell-McNamara, 26, was lured to a meeting in Southill where he was overpowered, bound hand and foot, then tortured before being shot in the back of the head.

May 2006

Aidan Kelly, 19, was also lured to a meeting at Blackwater outside Limerick where he was shot in the head.

September 2006

Frankie Ryan, 21, a member of the Ryan-McCarthy-Dundon gang was shot dead as he sat in his car in Moyross, apparently in retaliation for the murder of Aidan Kelly. From about this point the McCarthy-Dundon faction assume control of the gang from the Ryans.

December 2006

Noel Crawford, 40, was shot dead at his birthday party as he stood outside a relative's house in Southill. The house had been attacked a few weeks earlier with a machinegun and Crawford's five-year-old nephew was injured.

April 2007

Noel Campion, above right, 35, a former associate of the Keanes who was blamed for carrying out the murder of Frankie Ryan. He was ambushed and shot dead near the city centre as he sat on the back of a motorcycle.

April 2008

James Cronin, right, 20, was shot dead later the same evening after members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang killed Moloney. He was not a serious criminal but had been recruited to drive the car used in the Moloney killing. The gang apparently began to suspect Cronin might give evidence to gardai and executed him.

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