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Thursday 12 December 2019

Only a deluded minority want return to dark days

This past weekend we got two contrasting vistas of life on this island into the future. The positive message was the Giro d'Italia – kicking off in Belfast, tracing a route through the Antrim countryside, and yesterday crossing the border on a route to Dublin. Tens of thousands of people turned out, unabashed by the capricious weather, to savour one of the world's great sporting events.

Through this we saw the potential to make the Border less visible in the unity of people's shared enjoyment of an uplifting occasion. We also saw the potential to project a new, positive image of the island of Ireland to the world.

Then yesterday afternoon we got a jolt, with the reminder that dissident terrorist actions remain a threat to wonderful occasions A large bomb was thankfully detected and defused in Co Dublin its ultimate destination remains unclear.

We are all grateful to the security forces for their prompt and professional responses. But we are reminded of the deluded criminal intent of a minority of people who want to bring us back to the dark days. The overwhelming majority of people, north and south, want an Ireland replete with many big sporting and social occasions, which can unite people. We do not want a return to murderous horror, atrocity and mindless brutality.

Let the tiny minority still playing lethal games with bombs and armaments take note of that overwhelming majority view. Let the rest of us give our co-operation to the security forces, all across these islands, to ensure this minority are promptly apprehended.

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