Thursday 20 June 2019

Video: Bob Geldof can't wait to go to space for the "f**k off adventure of it"

Sarah Stack

Bob Geldof is counting down to his first space mission after completing his rigorous training.

The singer and activist is ready live a childhood dream and revealed he’d be catapulted in to outer space tomorrow if the shuttle was ready.

“Years ago, as a little boy, I was holding my dad’s hand on the steps of our flat in Mount Merrion,” said the Boomtown Rat frontman.

“We turned up the radio and tried to watch Sputnik through the clouds. I remember the guys saying it should be passing over Dublin now and you could hear ‘beeb beeb’ coming from the radio.

“In my lifetime to go from standing with my dad on the steps, staring at this little silver ball, and then being at space yourself. F**king hell man. Humans are mad but they’re great.”

Geldof also remembers he was working in a pea canning factory in Peterborough in July 1969 when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

“They shut down the cannery for about 10 minutes and we stood out on the loading bay and listened to the radio as the Lunar Module landed,” he added.

“Everybody was quiet and when it touched down everyone cheered like crazy.”

Geldof will ride on XCOR Aerospace's Lynx rocket plane from Dutch-based Space Exploration Corp once the shuttle completes 60 to 70 test flights.

He said he’s not scared of the life changing 90 minute trip and can’t wait to see the beauty of space and look back down on the tiny world and see “how we f**k it up”.

But why did he say yes to a free trip to space?

“Perspective is one thing, the beauty is the other, the thrill of it another and the f**k off adventure of it,” he replied, his eyes sparkling.

Geldof and entrepreneur Michiel Mol, co-founder of XCOR which will orchestrate the flight, launched a once in a life time competition at Dublin’s One Young World conference.

The Rising Star space mission is a year long global search for a young icon of the future to travel on the XCOR shuttle into outer space.

Mr Mol said the 1,400 delegates at the conference could wint he trip by writing an essay on how important space is.

“It’s something so special to be given the chance to go to space,” he said.

“The audience was amazed.”

INM is the media partner of the summit.

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