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One young world summit takes place October 15-18

Clara Kelleher
Clara Kelleher

Clara Kelleher

Clara Kelleher is one of three young leaders who won the bid to bring One Young World to Dublin.

One Young World meets as the world faces both familiar and new global challenges. It aims to inspire the delegation, as well as initiate dialogue, information sharing and idea generation in the presence of world experts such as Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson. Above all, it is a catalyst for action to address critical global issues.

Themes and topics discussed at One Young World summits are generated by consulting with One Young World Ambassadors and incoming delegates to identify the issues most important to young people in 2014.

The Summit will be live streamed on the One Young World website from start to finish. If you can't manage to catch all of the sessions, here are my recommendations for must-see content:

1 Opening Ceremony - Wednesday 15, 5pm-7pm

The Summit will open with a performance by the 170-strong Ballymun Choir and a welcome address from An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. One Young World Counsellors will be introduced onto the stage as 196 members of the delegation, each bearing the national flag of their country, take part in the symbolic flag-laying ceremony. Sir Bob Geldof and former President Mary Robinson will deliver keynote speeches.

2 Plenary Sessions - Throughout

These sessions serve to give inspirational young change-makers a platform to tell their stories to their peers and experienced world leaders. In a year that has seen religiously motivated extremism increase the world over, driving marginalisation and persecution, I am most looking forward to hearing delegate speakers on "How can young people make religion a force for good?"

3 Breakouts - Friday 17

The Breakout sessions have been carefully curated to deliver a wide range of topics in over 27 iconic venues throughout the city. Hosted by local partners, these sessions will look at topics such as mental health as a human right, sport as a catalyst for dialogue, the role of technology, entrepreneurialism, sustainability and more. Our breakout hosts will lead delegates on a city tour, ending in the Guinness Storehouse.

4 Peace and Conflict - Saturday 18

With half the One Young World community living in a country affected by conflict, the world's young leaders must grapple with the challenge of how to break down barriers to promote dialogue and reconciliation. In Dublin, young leaders from conflict zones all around the globe will hear from two ex-prisoners and militants from Northern Ireland who fought in The Troubles, but are now fighting to make the north a peaceful place through a fragile peace process.

5 Disability & Inclusion - Saturday 18

In this Special Session, Caroline Casey will lead a high-profile panel of speakers in exploring the themes of identity, individuality, perceptions of difference and normal, and the limitations of labels and stereotypes. Each of the speakers has an extraordinary story of living with difference, highlighting the importance of empowering people to be truly themselves.

6 The Delegates

By far the most impressive thing about One Young World is its Delegates. Their actions and projects have impacted millions of people and their drive to create change is unrivalled. If you bump into any of the Delegates out and about in the city, make sure you say hello, and ask them about their lives and home, their work and countries.

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