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'One mother dumped her baby in a wheelie bin'

The first tranche of reports from the District Court child care cases reveals families torn apart by alcohol, drugs and mental illness problems.

A BABY had to undergo an MRI scan in hospital after being dumped in a wheelie bin by its mother.

The mother had been involuntarily detained in a psychiatric facility, while health services had been unable to contact the father. The father, who had a severe alcohol problem, had reported the incident to gardai.

He woke up only to discover the baby missing and placed in a wheelie bin. The mother said the baby had gone to a better place, the court heard during evidence by social services seeking an interim care order. It was granted in the absence of the parents.

• A YOUNG girl told how her drug-abusing mother hit her and made her pee in a jar when she had to produce urine samples.

An interim care order was granted to social services for a boy and a 12-year-old girl whose father was in prison and mother was abusing drugs. They had been living with an aunt after the HSE had already intervened. Yet, social workers reported little food in the aunt's house and no oil for heating. They were not allowed to wash and had to sleep with their cousins.

The girl wanted to remain in foster care as she was afraid of suffering repercussions for disclosing the information.

• AN eight-year-old girl was lifted by her hair and dragged across the room by her mother after she had difficulty with homework.

The HSE was granted a full care order for the girl, with the consent of her mother, after the Dublin District Court heard the child's head was banged off the table. Blood splashed on to her school books and her mother washed them and placed them on the radiator to dry. The mother does not deny the accusation.

The social worker said that the child was currently doing very well in her placement and was very happy.

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