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'One man gave order -- he's now head of SF'

GERRY Adams is now facing accusations from two former IRA colleagues of personal involvement in the murder of Belfast mother-of-10 Jean McConville.

Prior to his death, Mr Adams's fellow Long Kesh prisoner Brendan 'Darkie' Hughes said the Sinn Fein chief ordered Ms McConville's murder -- and now so has former IRA bomber Dolours Price, who was once one of Mr Adams's feared inner circle.

Mr Adams has continually denied any involvement in Ms McConville's death. Here's what the Sinn Fein leader's friends say about his role in Ms McConville's death:

"There was only one man who gave the order for that woman to be executed. That man is now the head of Sinn Fein. . . I never carried out a major [IRA] operation without the okay or the order from Gerry [Adams].

"And for him to sit in his plush office in Westminster or Stormont or wherever and deny it, I mean it's like Hitler denying that there ever was a Holocaust."

-- Brendan 'Darkie' Hughes, in 'Voices from the Grave' by Ed Moloney

"I don't know who gave the instructions to execute her. Obviously it was decided between the General Headquarters staff and the people in Belfast. Gerry Adams would have been part of that negotiation."

-- Dolours Price, in a 'Sunday Telegraph' interview

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