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One landlord paid €80,000 in tax on 400 properties

NEW figures provided by Environment Minister Phil Hogan reveal that one landlord paid a whopping €80,000-plus to the Exchequer in non-principal private residence (NPPR) tax last year.

According to the figures provided by Mr Hogan, one unidentified landlord owning over 400 units of accommodation, paid the €200 tax on each unit.

The figures, provided by Mr Hogan in a series of written Dail replies to Labour TD Gerald Nash, show that the numbers of landlords registered as owning between 101 and 200 NPPRs increased last year from 29 to 36.

The 36 last year each paid between €20,000 and €40,000 to the State.

Mr Hogan also confirmed that 135,971 people paid the €200 NPPR tax last year for one NPPR unit, with a further 45,397 paying the tax for two to 10 units.

Underlining the increased level of compliance in relation to the tax, Mr Hogan said that 19,230 NPPR accounts last year incurred late registration fees and charges, compared to 23,730 in 2010.


The number of NPPR accounts has steadily grown since 2009 -- that year, there were 165,898 relating to 301,835 properties and this grew to 180,389 concerning 339,431 properties last year.

Collection of the tax in 2012 commenced on March 31 last, and those liable for the tax have until June 30 to avoid late payment fees.

The NPPR is used to fund local services provided by local authorities.

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