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Friday 24 May 2019

One in three wants cannabis legalised, poll says

1 in 3 people support cannabis being legalised
1 in 3 people support cannabis being legalised
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

A THIRD of people believe cannabis should be legalised, despite almost 90pc saying they never or rarely smoke the drug, according to an opinion poll.

Just 4pc of those surveyed said they smoke cannabis, marijuana or hash at least once a week, while 88pc said they never or rarely used it.

However, 36pc of people aged between 20 to 49 years old said legislation should be enacted to legalise the drug. More men wanted cannabis legalised than women.

A European Commission poll published last year found more than half of young Irish people wanted to see cannabis legalised, while 16pc had smoked marijuana in the past 30 days.

However, that focused on a younger age group, aged 15 to 24.

Today's Behaviour and Attitudes lifestyle poll meanwhile found that 30pc of people said they drank alcohol once a week - while only 2pc said they did so every day.

Asked about drinking five or more beverages on the same occasion, the majority (62pc) said they only did this every two to three months or less. But 24pc did so weekly.

Two-thirds (65pc) said that they engaged in physical exercise weekly.

The poll also found almost a quarter of those polled watch pornography at least once a week or more. This was higher amongst men in their 30s, with two in five saying they regularly watch pornography, while just 8pc of woman answered the same. Almost half of those polled said they never or rarely watch pornography.


Dublin men from lower socio-economic areas were more likely to watch pornography than males from rural Ireland with a higher income, according to the Behaviour and Attitudes survey.

A majority of Irish people are enjoying a healthy sex life with 54pc saying they have had sex at least once a week.

The survey also found people living in Dublin are having more sex than those living outside the capital.

It also found that people in their 20s are having marginally more sex than those in their 30s, and both age categories are having more sex than those in their 40s.

The findings are from an online poll of 978 adults aged between 20 and 49.

The survey was carried out by research company Behaviour and Attitudes on behalf of the Irish Independent and Today FM.

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