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One in four happier snuggling up with Tony Soprano than partner


Tony Soprano was loved by men and women alike, albeit for different reasons

Tony Soprano was loved by men and women alike, albeit for different reasons

Tony Soprano was loved by men and women alike, albeit for different reasons

A quarter of Irish people have chosen their favourite box set over sex with their partner, a new survey reveals.

Ireland’s love affair with television goes deep as 25 pc admit to choosing an episode of their favourite TV show over spending 'alone time' with their significant other.

The survey carried out on behalf of Sky Ireland found that 42 pc of Irish people often traded a few hours of sleep for an extra episode or two.

Almost 70 pc of respondents said they delayed their normal bedtime by up to two hours to watch a box set, while with a further 28 pc often chose to stay up an extra three to five hours.

Nearly 25 pc said they regularly binged on five to six hours of a box set in one sitting, with one in ten saying they avoided spending time with their children so they could catch up on their favourite series.

Survey results:

  • 1 in 10 respondents have chosen watching a box set over time with their kids.
  • 1 in 4 have chosen or would choose watching a box set over private ‘romantic time’ with their partner.
  • Nearly half (42 pc) say they have felt sleep deprived as a result of staying up watching box sets.
  • 34 pc say they have felt left out when others are talking about the latest box set series
  • 17 pc said they’d lie to pretend they were up to speed with a series.
  • 16 pc would go home and watch the box set straight away to be able to join in the conversation
  • 25 pc (one in four) have watched 5 box sets episodes in one sitting
  • 24 pc have stayed up 3-4 hours later than their usual bedtime to watch a box set
  • Over half of Irish people (52 pc) say that they go into a state of mourning after finishing a box set

Included in the survey was a break down of Ireland’s favourite shows.

Topping of the list was The Sopranos followed by The Wire, True Detective and Modern Family.

“The scope and production quality of TV series these days is quite remarkable and is without doubt fuelling our appetite for box sets,” said Ann-Marie MacKay, Sky Ireland’s Director of Products and Customer Growth.

“The beauty of the box set is that all the episodes of your favourite series are available at the push of a button, so if you feel like getting through a whole series in two days, you can.”

The survey coincides with the launch of Sky Ireland’s new ‘Sky Box Set’ as part of its On Demand service, which offers more than 300 complete box sets of popular television series.

According to Sky, nearly half of customers in Ireland have already connected their Sky+HD box to their broadband connection to access Sky’s On Demand service.

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