Thursday 26 April 2018

One in five regularly takes lift from drunk driver

Paul Melia

ONE in five people put their lives at risk on a regular basis by taking a lift from someone they know to be over the drink-driving limit.

Startling attitudes to drink driving were revealed by an AA survey yesterday, which also found that almost half of all drivers take to the road while hungover.

More than 14,000 people were surveyed and researchers found that younger passengers aged 17-24 years were more likely to get into a car with an over-the-limit driver, with 26pc admitting they had done so in the past two years.

"While as a passenger you may not be breaking the law yourself under these circumstances, you do have a moral responsibility," AA spokesman Conor Faughnan said.

The survey found that 45pc of drivers admitted driving the morning after drinking heavily, even though they were unsure if their blood alcohol levels had returned to legally permissible levels. Men are more likely to take the chance, with 49.8pc compared to 39.7pc of women saying they had done this in the last two years.

Drivers said they were frustrated at not being able to judge with certainty if they were safe to drive after a night out. Others said that a lack of public transport forced them to drive.

Rural areas stood out when it came to drink-driving attitudes. On a county-by-county level, 30.8pc of Monaghan drivers said they had been a passenger in a vehicle where they suspected the driver was over the limit. This was followed by 25.4pc and 24.7pc of drivers in Donegal and Clare.

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