Friday 20 September 2019

'On-demand' workers will be able to take other jobs under new rules


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Anne-Marie Walsh

Employers will not be able to stop workers on zero-hour contracts from taking other jobs under a new law.

New rules designed to protect workers providing "on-demand" services at companies like Uber or Deliveroo are set to be rolled out within three years.

The European Parliament has rubber-stamped the measures that aim to give casual workers more certainty about their hours and end abusive practices.

Staff who work at least three hours a week will be allowed to claim compensation if their work is cancelled.

However, a similar measure was recently rolled out by the Government.

Workers must also be clearly informed of the terms of their contract including their pay, start date and standard working day on their first day in the job under the new directive.

In addition, an employee's probationary period in a job cannot go beyond six months.

"The two main objectives of the new directive are to extend and modernise obligations on informing workers about their working conditions and to create new minimum standards allowing more transparency and predictability for all workers," said Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune.

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