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Ombudsman to probe woman's abortion garda claim

THE Garda Ombudsman is to take a statement from a woman who claims she became pregnant by a senior garda who later procured abortion pills for her via the internet.

The woman, understood to be in her 30s, recorded conversations with the married officer in which they discussed taking the pills, and she claims she was threatened with deportation if she refused to do so.

She told weekend newspapers that she refused to terminate the pregnancy, and had given birth to a child which had been taken into care.

The woman also claimed that another child, a three-year-old son, was fathered by a garda, and is also in care.


She is now launching a legal campaign to have the children returned to her and to have their fathers pay maintenance.

The Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission is investigating, but declined to comment. It is understood it has been in contact with the woman and is in the process of taking a statement.

Not until the statement has been taken will the ombudsman decide what action to take.

The woman claimed she became pregnant following a tryst in the back of the garda's car in Ballymun, Dublin, last October.

She said they were interrupted by two uniformed gardai who left after her lover produced his identity.

The woman said she pretended to take the first of five abortion pills after meeting the garda shortly after she discovered she was pregnant.

She said the garda watched as she took the first one, which she kept in her mouth and pretended to swallow. The others were to be taken afterwards.

The woman came to Ireland several years ago and taped a number of conversations with her lover during the period she claims he was pressuring her to take abortion pills Mifepristone and Micoprostol.

The woman said she contacted the Garda Ombudsman after claiming two officers visited her and took her passport.

By Paul Melia

Irish Independent