Friday 15 December 2017

Older workers turn to Botox and hair dye to beat young people to jobs

Former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker gets Botox treatment live on the ‘Late, Late Show’
Former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker gets Botox treatment live on the ‘Late, Late Show’

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It seems youth is seen as a valuable currency for many of our older workers.

They are dipping into the cosmetic fountain of youth as they look to fend off the millennials vying for their jobs.

This means more hair, shinier teeth, and no more crow's feet for the older generation, before they even set foot in the interview room. research shows that nearly half of those in the jobs market fear that age will be a hindrance to their job prospects.

Older workers are now going to the gym, watching their diet, whitening their teeth and even considering the use of Botox injections to stay fresh and ahead of the field.

Orla Moran, from, said there is a fear among the older generation that they require youth and vitality to get the job.

"While it's illegal to discriminate against employees because of their age, it's obvious that older jobseekers are concerned about how their date of birth will impact on their search for a new job," Ms Moran said.

According to the study, some 38pc of workers have considered dying their hair, one in three are thinking about teeth-whitening, while 8pc are looking into the idea of Botox.

Katie McGarr, of skincare specialists Amara, said that while its clients might not always divulge the reasoning behind treatments such as Botox, it is particularly popular among sales people.

However, she said that the younger generation are also taking preventative measures.

"Some people give their reason why and a lot don't," Ms McGarr said.


"A huge trend for sales people would be to use Botox, because it gives them more confidence.

"People are going for preventative Botox, to save them in the long run. Typically they'd be in their late 20s, early 30s," she added.

Gillian Smith, of the Irish Dental Association, added that while it may seem that the youth are more focused on how they look cosmetically, it spans generations.

"People want to look their best and have a whole smile," she said.

There is a bigger focus on dental health and that's across the board, not just the younger generation.

"I've had my own practice for five years now and I've certainly seen an increase [in cosmetic dentistry] in that time."

Some well-known Irish celebrities to have had work done to keep their looks include Marty Whelan, who has openly spoken about getting a hair transplant because he "works in a business where appearance matters".

Former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker famously had Botox treatment on the 'Late Late Show'.

It's not only cosmetic work, however. Personal trainer Karl Henry has said that fit and healthy employees are more productive in the workplace.

"Health and fitness has become such a trend that the older generation are feeling a pressure to keep up with the younger people," he said.

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