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'Old Moore's' psychic prediction of pregnancy may go down as one of the fastest to come true

IT WILL surely go down as one of the fastest psychic predictions ever to come true. The mystic behind Ireland's oldest astronomical calendar 'Old Moore's Almanac' yesterday morning insisted that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant.

Less than six hours later, the news that Kate Middleton was indeed expecting the couple's first child was announced.

And if the Almanac's predictions ring true, then the world can expect a bouncing baby girl as the latest addition to the Royal Family next July.

RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas was interviewing 'Almanac' editor Nicole Butler in the John Murray slot on RTE early yesterday about the magazine's predictions.

Thomas put it to Ms Butler that the 'Almanac' had predicted that Kate Middleton would have a baby this year. But Ms Butler confidently replied that the magazine's in-house psychic, who is anonymous, was still adamant that Kate currently had a baby "on board". As the official news of the royal pregnancy broke later in the day, Thomas admitted that the whole thing was "bizarre".

The mystery psychic behind the ancient Almanac also points to the Duchess's current bout of severe morning sickness as a sign that there may be a twosome on the way.

"She's definitely expecting a girl though. If there are twins, our psychic says one will certainly be a girl," Ms Butler told the Irish Independent.

In its time, 'Old Moore's Almanac' – which has been around for nearly 250 years – has made some far-fetched predictions about the future, but a number have come true.

In 2010, the publication predicted Osama Bin Laden would be found the following year, and Dublin city centre would suffer severe flooding in November.

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