Monday 16 September 2019

Oil tanks, pallets and tyres 'stored by youths for Halloween bonfires' block River Nanny

Blockage: Pallets and oil tanks dumped in the River Nanny
Blockage: Pallets and oil tanks dumped in the River Nanny

Louise Walsh

A clean-up has started after domestic oil tanks, tyres and dozens of pallets, apparently stored for Halloween bonfires, have blocked a river flow and threatened to pollute its waters.

Meath County Council's litter warden, Alan Nolan, has urged local businesses around Duleek to be vigilant about giving pallets to youths as the local authority faces a clean-up bill of up to €2,000.

Three domestic oil tanks, 140 pallets and numerous tyres have been hidden in the River Nanny over recent weeks, he said.

Mr Nolan said: "A clean-up is under way as the oil drums could pose a pollution threat to the river, which has been partially blocked by the pallets and tyres.

"If there were heavy rain, the river in flood could have caused a lot of problems in the area.

"It looks like youths were stockpiling their stores for Halloween bonfires and hid them in the river to avoid them being detected and removed by Meath County Council.

"Some of these pallets are worth up to €10 each so I would urge local businesses to be vigilant in the run-up to Halloween, keep them securely stored and be mindful of youths asking for any pallets or other material.

"Unfortunately we do see Halloween being used as a tipping ground for adults wanting to get rid of sofas and mattresses and other household litter."

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