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Sunday 22 April 2018

Oh no, I left the immersion on: Irish tweeters refuse to take Doomsday seriously

Claire O’Mahony

THE abrupt end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans, didn't t happen at 11.12am today but Irish tweeters have been having lots of fun on the social networking site, as to what Doomsday might mean for the country.

The hashtag #Irishendoftheworld leaves no sacred cows alone, with everything from Tayto crisps to leaving the immersion just some of the topics that are trending.

“Penneys shuts down,” writes Triona Baldwin, while Michelle H posts, “No one wants a cup of tea.”

“SeanQuinn misses his granddaughter’s christening,” tweets Peter Hickey while chrispf adds:

“When Willie O’Dea shaves off his moustache.”

“Saw Doctors split up,” says Dan Mellett and Alan Finn writes “When someone does in fact only go out for just the one pint.”

“Tayto taken over by Walkers,” suggests Gerry Sullivan and michacaly addresses the age old Irish fear and writes: “Best one yet has to be leaving the immersion on ALL night. “

The Irish approach to Doomsday is in sharp contrast to other parts of the world such as China, where authorities arrested 1,000 members of an end-of-the-world cult called Almighty God which was predicting a global checkout later today.

Other suggestions included Frank Wasser's: "The Catholic church introduces tax on all confirmation and communion money collected," and Orla Hickey's: "When the Toy Show is cancelled."

But perhaps the funniest of all is Stephen Mulligan's Tweet which references the now infamous brawl that took place on Dublin's Talbot Street and became a YouTube sensation.

He writes: "The very last sound as the meteor finally hurtles towards the doomed earth: 'Ah heeeorr, leeeave irr ouuuuh'."

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