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Thursday 22 February 2018

Officers ready to do battle as monthly pay packet delayed

Tom Brady Security Editor

Almost 1,300 officers of the Defence Forces were up in arms yesterday when they discovered their monthly pay cheques had not been paid into their bank accounts.

The money was due to have been paid yesterday, on the last banking day of the month. Officers feared they had fallen victim to a work-to-rule action by civil servants in the Department of Defence.

However, the non-payment was the result of a processing glitch in the department's payroll section in Galway.

A senior official said last night that the error had been quickly rectified and the money would be in the officers' accounts this morning -- apart from 13 military personnel, who would receive their pay on Monday morning. He said the delay was due solely to a processing error and an assurance had been given to the military authorities yesterday morning that the issue had been resolved.

The error did not affect enlisted personnel, who are paid weekly, or civil servants, who get their pay packets fortnightly.

Political control of the Defence Forces currently rests with the Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

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