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Officer investigating Michaela killing denies threatening accused with revolver

A SENIOR police officer in the investigation into the killing of Micheala McAreavey has been asked to return to court this morning with records outlining whether or not he was carrying a gun on the day one of the two accused men, Avinash Treebhoowoon, was interrogated by his subordinates.

Defence lawyer Sanjeev Teeluckdharry accused assistant commissioner Yusef Soopun of threatening his client with a revolver strapped to his right ankle.

He also alleged that the police officer swore at Mr Treebhoowoon and struck him three times during the interview in the days before the accused man confessed to involvement in Michaela's death.

Mr Soopun responded to the allegations, telling the judge: "I never carry revolvers at the MCIT office. This is a complete lie, my lord."

Judge Prithviraj Feckna instructed Mr Soopun to produce records today which would show whether or not he had a revolver from police storage on the day of the interrogation.

Mr Soopun also said that Mr Treebhoowoon's claims that the senior officer personally beat him were "totally unfounded and false".


He added: "I was at all times present in the investigation and none of my men ever used any sort of violence or were rude towards accused number one."

Completion of Mr Soopun's testimony was delayed as lawyers argued over questions put to the witness about a Legends hotel security guard, Seenarain Mungoo.

Mr Mungoo was wrongfully arrested in connection with Michaela's death and is now suing the police and the Mauritian state.

The court is also today expected to hear from Dr Sunil Kumar Gungadin, who carried out the autopsy on Michaela.

Arrangements are also to be made for the jury to tour the hotel in the coming days to see the McAreaveys' room and visit the poolside restaurant, which have been frequently mentioned in testimony.

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