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Oarsman plans to break record for rowing across Atlantic


Atlantic rower pix

Atlantic rower pix

Atlantic rower pix

A DUBLINER is one of a crew of six rowers setting out from Morocco in the coming days to try and break a world record and row across the Atlantic Ocean in less than 30 days.

Aodhan Kelly (26) is undertaking the gruelling journey in an effort to raise money for global children's charity Plan, and is the only Irishman on the team.

Mr Kelly -- who has been a member of the Neptune Rowing Club in Islandbridge since 1995 -- is now based in Reading in the UK.

He became a member of the team after competing with other rowers at a trial in the Irish Sea in June. After beating other competitors he was invited to take part in the challenge.

The crew left their English base yesterday and will travel to Tarfya, Morocco, where their 3,000 mile-trip to Port St Charles in Barbados will begin.

Depending on weather conditions, they hope to launch fully between January 2 and January 5.

The rowers will lose three stone over the month, burning 12,000 calories a day while taking in 6,000 through special freeze-dried foods.

Mr Kelly and the other team members have been beefing up in recent weeks to prepare for the massive weight loss.

"More people have climbed Mount Everest than have crossed an ocean through their own physical exertion," he said. "So this challenge will be a big one to say the least."

The current world record for the crossing is 33 days, but Mr Kelly and his team hope to beat that by at least three days. The record is one of the most hotly-contested achievements in the world of ocean rowing.

Donations can be made via Mr Kelly's website: www.atlantic2012.com

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