Friday 15 December 2017

O Cuiv warns bin row could turn capital into a 'cesspool'

Mark Hilliard

THOUSANDS of households have been left in the dark as to whether their bins will be collected next week as uncertainty grows over the privatised Greyhound service.

The row over its Dublin city collections looks set to escalate even though the company emptied bins without payment yesterday.

During a heated debate in the Dail yesterday, Fianna Fail deputy leader Eamon O Cuiv warned that the city would become a "cesspool" of waste if something was not done.

He added that the Department of Health may yet be forced to deal with the public health consequences of rubbish being discarded on footpaths.

Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore retorted that he would not "take lectures" from Mr O Cuiv whom he said had campaigned for people not pay the registration charge for septic tanks.

Some 18,000 former Dublin City Council clients have not paid the €100 annual charge since the service was privatised last month.

However, despite emptying black and brown bins on some of its routes yesterday, Greyhound refused to comment on what its plans are for next week.

It is also unclear how many of the 18,000 households have paid the charge in the last number of days.

Yesterday, the company decided to send trucks out on a number of its routes to collect all bins and it is believed this policy is likely to continue today.

A final warning letter attached to bins has informed residents that they must pay at least €62 of the charge -- half the fee plus a minimum account balance of €12 -- or be left without a service.

The problem applies only to wheelie-bin customers, with 18,000 yet to pay the upfront fee.

Dublin City Council has pointed out that 33,000 waiver customers, 16,000 customers in council flat complexes and 20,000 bag tag customers are receiving a full service.

Of the remaining 70,000 customers, Greyhound says that over 51,000 have signed up with them, leaving around 18,000 households unregistered out of a total of 140,000 households in the City Council area. Greyhound's other customers -- those on waivers, in council flats or using bag tags -- are unaffected.

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