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O Cuiv 'amused' over questions about Dev

FORMER minister Eamon O Cuiv last night joked people are more interested in what his grandfather and Fianna Fail founder Eamon de Valera would think of Queen Elizabeth's historic visit than his own views.

"I find it a little bit amusing because I was a cabinet minister for 13 years and have developed close ties with the unionist community and still nobody has asked my opinion," he said.

"Obviously I can't say what Eamon de Valera thinks or whether he would be happy -- that would be speculation.

But, he added: "He always sought to remove barriers between Ireland and Britain."

The Galway West TD said one event signified the two nations' change in attitudes.

"Not only did the queen lay a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance but she bowed her head," he said.

Irish Independent