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Nursing home inspectors' plan for cocktail party 'left staff in tears'

A DOCTOR has revealed how he found staff in a nursing home "reduced to tears" after a visit by inspectors who suggested elderly residents be given a weekly, non-alcoholic, cocktail party.

Dr Bernard Ruane, a GP from Tralee, Co Kerry, also hit out at the inspectors' rule that menus be displayed, despite most of the residents suffering from dementia.

"There is too much bureaucracy and I find it very upsetting," he told the IMO annual meeting in Killarney, adding that staff were finding it impossible to comply with the rules set down by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) inspectors.

A spokeswoman for HIQA said yesterday the inspectors leave it to managers to come up with plans to enhance the lives of residents but added, "If we know of activities which other nursing homes have put in place we will share them."

Irish Independent