Tuesday 20 November 2018

Number's up for old boarding gate titles

AIR passengers could face confusion from tomorrow morning as the country's largest airport renames its boarding gates, writes Breda Heffernan.

Customers at Dublin Airport are advised to familiarise themselves with the new gate-numbering sequence which comes into operation tomorrow. The airport has almost 60 boarding gates and each will be given a new number-only name.

Under the new system, boarding gates on Pier D will convert to a 100 number range.

Gates on Pier A will be renamed in a 200 number range while those on Pier B will be in a 300 number range.

The new Pier E, which is part of T2 and is due to open in November, will have boarding gates in the 400 range.

This system would allow for future expansion and would be more convenient, an airport spokesperson said: "The move from an alpha-numerical to a more logical, customer-focused numeric sequence was agreed as the best way forward in order to improve the passenger experience."

"This change over to a numeric sequence will allow for future boarding gate capacity and was agreed following consultations with our airline customers," she added.

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