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Notre Dame and Navy bring most tourists since Ryder Cup

IT IS a throwback to the heady days when millionaires jetted in from across the world to attend the Ryder Cup in 2006.

Yesterday, there were 25 private jets at Dublin Airport as the moneyed elite flew in ahead of today's American Football Clash between Notre Dame and Navy.

"It is not the most jets we had -- the Ryder Cup was, but this is a close second," Siobhan Moore, a spokeswoman for the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) confirmed.

However, the DAA would not reveal the identity of any of those travelling.

In addition to the private jets, there were 65 scheduled and chartered transatlantic flights yesterday bringing more than 15,000 US visitors through the airport in advance of the game.

Tourism bosses said the total influx of 35,000 Americans for the college football game had been a major boon for bars, restaurants and hotels.

"This is one of the most significant tourism events of the year, and we can expect to see a huge economic impact from this event. What's more, it's benefited operators across the country as well as the capital," Tourism Minister, Leo Varadkar said.

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