Friday 18 October 2019

Not so sweet dreams: Snoring is most annoying bedtime habit - followed by duvet theft

Bedding down: Snoring is the most annoying bedtime habit, according to a sleep survey
Bedding down: Snoring is the most annoying bedtime habit, according to a sleep survey

Aoife Moore

Snoring is the country's most annoying habit in bed, Ireland's largest ever national sleep survey has found.

Three times more people rate their partner's snoring (43pc) as the most annoying habit in bed than any other disturbance, while stealing the duvet is the next most hated characteristic.

The Hastings Hotels group surveyed 8,500 people to find out what really influences sleeping and bedtime habits.

Other grievances include partners coming to bed late (7.5pc) and using screens (4.6pc).

Respondents cited partners pretending not to hear the children during the night, playing videos in bed and waking them up to say they were snoring as the most annoying night-time irritations.

Despite all of this, 42pc of people prefer to have company in bed, while 24pc like it all to themselves.

The perfect combination for a good night's sleep is a good mattress, comfortable bedding and the correct room temperature, according to three-quarters of respondents.

"Room temperature and noise were the two top factors inhibiting sleep, followed by uncomfortable pillows and mattresses," said Julie Hastings, marketing director of Hastings Hotels.

When it comes to winding down, one in four said reading a book or listening to music helps them achieve a restful sleep, while a little over one in 10 people like a night-time tipple.

Some 69pc of people said they sleep for between six and eight hours a night while another 22pc reported sleeping for between four and six hours. Just over 1pc of those surveyed said they slept for less than four hours.

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