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Sunday 18 August 2019

‘Not all students are thieves’ – Woman hits out at shopkeeper who only allows three students at a time to enter shop

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A mother-of-three has hit out at a shopkeeper who has a sign in his shop stating only three students can be admitted entry at any one time.

Lisa Bracken, who questioned the shop owner about his policy, claims he responded by saying “Students are all thieves”.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio 1’s Liveline, Ms Bracken said it was unfair to tar all students with the one brush.

“He didn’t say some students are thieving, he said all. I have three children and none of them are thieves. 

“It’s horrible to make all students out to be thieves.”

The shop is located in the Glasnevin area of Dublin and Ms Bracken said she will not be giving it any more business.

“I certainly won’t be going near the shop in future. At the end of the day, those same students he allows in are buttering his bread. Not all students are thieves.”

Paul Doyle, a shop owner from Castleknock in Dublin, agreed with the man limiting the number of students who can enter the shop.

“I’m being robbed blind by students,” he said. 

“I have the shop myself next door to a school. Some of them do it, but not all of them.”

Another caller, who was a Garda for thirty years, said the shop owner in Glasnevin has a right to protect his shop.

“He’s just trying to protect his business. All parents will tell you, including myself, that your kids are perfect. No parent knows everything their child does when they’re out.”

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