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'Nosy' blogger hacks into site

THE office of the country's privacy chief was left a little red-faced yesterday after a "resourceful blogger" managed to access an official report hours before its launch.

The Data Protection Commissioner's annual report was due to be officially launched yesterday after being presented to both Houses of the Oireachtas.

But hours before the launch, technical consultant Damien Mulley managed to tap into the report and download it to his own website.

Last night, Mr Mulley said any average internet user would have been able to access details of the report from the official website.

He had not been looking for the annual report and was just being "nosy" when he logged onto the commissioner's official website on Wednesday night. He said that the discovery had taken him by surprise.

"I would have thought that an office involved in data protection would have shown a little more expertise in this area," Mr Mulley added.